Advancing Surgical

IC Surgical is a medical technology company focused on innovative concepts to address complex issues associated with surgery.

Interi® System

Ground-breaking technology designed to
reduce post-surgical
complications such as
seroma and improve internal wound healing*

Rethink internal surgical wound control … from the inside out

Interi System is an internal surgical wound control system delivering continuous, consistent suction pressure post-operatively throughout surgically created tissues planes. Interi System has demonstrated a significant reduction in seroma by eliminating dead space and removing fluid in a simple yet elegant way.

The Interi System Mechanism of Action

Broad coverage of closed internal surgical spaces

Consistent delivery of internal suction pressure

Continuous suction pressure applied to tissue planes

Continuous fluid removal throughout the surgical site

Addressing the top surgically-related complications

IC Surgical's Interi System finally delivers a ground-breaking innovation to address the risk of seroma and other post-surgical complications caused by tissue damage.

Seroma, which is a pocket of internal fluid that accumulates in dead spaces after surgery, is consistently recognized as a top surgical complication and traditionally accepted as inevitable in surgery. Given its high incidence and clinical severity, seroma results in excessive financial burden to the health care system.

It is frustrating for both surgeons and patients to have to return for multiple aspirations, drain placements, and occasional operations to resolve seroma. Despite this frustration, there is actually very little that we know about... the optimal way to treat them.

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* Shestak, Kenneth C. The Internal Negative-Pressure Wound Control System: A Paradigm Shift for Promoting Deep Space Healing in Complex Surgically Created Wounds. Aesthetic Surgery Journal. 2021 Oct 15;41(11):NP1543-NP1549.